BBQ【烧烤】- SET A

RM 25.80

BBQ【烧烤】- SET B

RM 28.80

BBQ【烧烤】- SET C

RM 32.80

BBQ【烧烤】- SET D

RM 35.80

BBQ【烧烤】- SET E

RM 38.80

BBQ【烧烤】- SET F

RM 42.80


  • 搬運場所收費 ( Rm100.00 ), 陸地場所收費 ( Rm50.00 ), 除了人數50以上。
  • 最低接單人數是30位或以上。
  • 此配套我们将会提供一次性餐具。( 碟、湯匙、叉、紙巾、清潔用品及非用品 )
  • 客户可以到我们的办公处(请提前预约)与我们讨论宴会的就餐时间、地点、人数、菜单 和 活动细节。
  • 預訂可通過WhatsApp,您只需要讓我們知道您的資料列如 : 選擇什麼菜單、名字、聯繫號碼、地址、時間及日期。
  • 确定订单我们将会收取50%定金, 來制定服务当天的流程。
  • 请在十天前,让我们得取您的最新订单。
  • 菜单可根据客人作出少许的需求更改或制定新的菜单。
  • 我們一天可以接18場的宴會,我們將會以先來先服務的態度。
  • 我們的食物是可以放心讓馬來同胞吃的。

注意事件 : 

  1. 宴會前一天我們將會收取另外的 50%的餘款,以便我們流動舒暢。
  2. 我們將會把食物放進錫紙盤送去您的地點。
  3. 我們沒有提供服務人員。
  4. 我們沒有提供桌子、椅子、帳篷及放食物桌子,但是您可以向我們租借。
  5. 租借物品的顾客们,请自行解决或者可以要求送租借品负责人帮您们解决。( 不包括送餐员 )

Notice Board

  • Transportation charge for landed house/ground floor (RM50.00), Others (RM100.00).
  • Minimum order 30 pax.
  • We will provide disposable cutleries & plates, cup, tissue, rubbish bag.
  • Customers are welcomed to meet us in our office for discussions and booking purposes. (By appointment only)
  • Customer can place order via Whatsapp with information of the party.( time, date, venue, name, contact number etc. )
  • 50% deposit is needed to secure your booking.
  • Book us minimum 10 days before your events.
  • Menu can be customised. (T&C applies)
  • We have a limited capacity of 18 orders per day, all bookings will be reserved on first come first serve basis.
  • We are 100% pork free caterer, Malays can take our food too.

Remarks :

  1. The balance 50% need to be settled one day before delivery date.
  2. We will keep the food in aluminium food tray (disposable), and deliver to your place.
  3. No helpers will be provided.
  4. Disposable cutleries, plates, tissues and a rubbish bag will be provided.
  5. No canopy, tables and chairs will be provided for this menu. You can choose to rent from us.
  6. If you rent the tables and chairs from us, we will not arrange the tables and chairs or other equipment on actual day. Delivery boy will not serve or help in arranging the tables and chairs/equipment.


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